24 Jul 2023

Make reliable fuel delivery even simpler

Get Your Fuel Delivered By Cotswold Petroleum

Getting your home heating oil delivered could be one of the most helpful operations that you could implement for your property so that you never run out of fuel and stay warm for as long as possible! However, what are the REAL perks to having your home heating oil delivered?

For many homes and domestic properties, a fuel delivery service is essential. This is down to a wide range of benefits, including 


Saving Money

It’s never been easier to save money on the convenience of fuel delivery. So, instead of paying premium prices when you unexpectedly run out of domestic heating oil and need it delivered quicker than ever, you can buy your fuel in bulk and always make sure that you’re keeping ahead, securing the best deal for your money! We provide an automatic top-up service at no extra cost, ensuring that your tank stays full all year round. Contact us today to learn more about this service.



You know that with a reliable local fuel delivery service, you will consistently receive the amount of quality heating oil that you need, on time. If you add our automatic top-up service to your plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tank will never be empty, your home will stay cosy and warm all winter, and your property will run efficiently all year.



Having your fuel delivered to your home is highly convenient, but can also be a little challenging if your property is located in a typically rural location or along a restricted road. We can provide same-day emergency service and same-day delivery service, as well as also being able to cater to difficult or restricted-access premises with our specialist vehicles.



You no longer have to worry about if there is a ‘limited amount of fuel available’, or if ‘delivery times are extra long’. Many fuel delivery services are ready to deliver home heating oil whenever you may need it to keep your home comfortable and your household running as usual. You can always rely on your fuel delivery service to have a constant oil supply to be delivered to your property whenever you order.


Cotswold Petroleum tanker


At Cotswold Petroleum, you can get your fuel delivered in bulk or even smaller amounts, exactly when you need it. When ordering online, you can choose your delivery day, which will fall between the next one to five days.

Should you need same-day delivery or specialist vehicles for restricted access, or a smaller 4-wheel or standard 6-wheel vehicle,  feel free to contact us by either email: info@cotswoldpetroleum.co.uk or by phone number: 01386 579579. Know that with a fuel delivery service, you’ll have constant access to fuel, whenever you need it!

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