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    Make oil level monitoring simpleState of the art tank monitoring technology

    Run out of fuel? Guessing at how much heating oil you have left in your tank? Wondering when you should order and how much?

    Cotswold Connect really is the simplest, most reliable and hassle-free way to ensure that you always have plenty of heating oil in your tank.We remotely monitor your tank using the most up-to-date telemetric technology. We offer an accurate and effective way that takes away all these problems and many more by taking daily tank readings.

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    Why Choose Cotswold Connect Get free fitting with your first year's subscription

    Access to your tank via App or desktop

    We and you will always know how much is in your tank and you can monitor how much oil you are using per day

    Easy installation by a trained Barton installer

    No drilling involved so the integrity of your tank remains intact

    No more running out

    A threshold is set and when you reach that we will automatically put an order in the system and deliver when in the area. No more mid-winter tank tests!


    Totally sealed unit not affected by the environment around it such as dust or humidity

    Highly Accurate Stock Levels

    You’ll get an accurate reading of your tank levels, correct within 5mm

    Fits Most Tanks

    Suitable for almost all tank types

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    How It Works

    Our monitoring service ensures a consistent supply, saving you the time and responsibility of physically checking the tank. Our team will monitor your tank level on a daily basis, advising when a top up is required.

    We will arrange an installation of the monitoring device to your tank and our team will monitor the level of your tank notifying you when it reaches a certain agreed level.
    We aim to fill your tank at the most convenient time.


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