8 Nov 2023

UKIFDA and OFTEC ‘BeWinterWise’ Campaign

In September, UKIFDA and OFTEC launched their BeWinterWise campaign, which aims to provide guidance for the 1.7 million households off of the gas grid by offering helpful reminders and valuable advice to encourage energy saving, getting the best out of heating and preparing for uncertainty.

Here’s some important advice from the blog piece going into the winter:

‘Ken Cronin, CEO of UKIFDA, says, “Our advice is to buy early. Often people use more than they anticipate during poor summers and leave it to the last minute to order. Our distributors are used to planning and managing the complex supply process, but unpredictability can disrupt delivery.”

“During the busy winter months, an emergency delivery can be costly, and it is not always possible for distributors to make this type of delivery, so planning ahead is essential.”

OFTEC Chief Executive Paul Rose commented, “To ensure efficient operation, I recommend booking an OFTEC registered technician to service liquid fuel-fired heating and cooking systems annually. This can reduce fuel bills and save money on costly call-out fees for unexpected breakdowns. Before becoming OFTEC registered, heating technicians must undergo training and are regularly inspected to make sure they work competently.” From UKIFDA and OFTEC Launch ‘Be Winter Wise’ Campaign For Heating Oil Users

This helpful blog by UKIFDA also includes useful information regarding the government’s ‘Help for Households’ Campaign, ‘Cold Weather Priority (CWP)’ Scheme and ‘Help With Your Energy Bills’ Guide.

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Read the full BeWinterWise blog from UKIFDA here.

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